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With the introduction of HTML5 an expansion in the world of website design has been noticed. HTML5 allows for more interactive design on the web. One of the best advantages of HTML5 is that it is better supported on mobile devices. The second most important advantage is that it is compatible on most popular browsers namely Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. It provides total flexibility to the developers. They feel free to do so much in-house. Earlier developers use to face problems related to managing data, drawing, playing video and audio with HTML4 but with the introduction of HTML5 the developers can manage data and can play video and audio without any kind of hassle and inconvenience. It allows for more powerful and interactive applications. Video elements can be easily embedded. HTML5 has numerous features such as it includes a new Geo location APIs, offline application cache, client-side database, etc. It also offers many APIs too. This latest version can also be used to create an excellent content structure that can in turn make different websites easily readable and legible. HTML5 Templates are easy to use and are user friendly. They are the best choice of the developers for fast and easy website start-up.

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